Thank you everyone for your kind words

“I have arthritis & diabetes from many years & I have gone through stem cell process which has help me quality. In the morning at 4-5 AM the pain was very secure, now their in no pain, sitting and standing was problems in but now i can stand and sit easily there is little pain while walking but it is getting better slowly. I am gratefull to Stemcell Medicare Centre specially Dr. Mannan Gupta and Dr. Sehgal. May god bless them :)”
Mr. Loten Ngawang, 80 years

APPRECIATION for Dr Manan Gupta and Dr Mayank Jain

“I want to express my appreciation for the stemcell treatment i got at your clinic. I want to share with you the latest glucose level after the 3 sessions I underwent with you. Before the treatment these used to be in the range of 100 to 125 for fasting and about 169 to 180 for PP. Now same are in the range of 85 to 95 for fasting and about 140 or so for PP. I would alos want to mention the fact that these improved results are with 25% reduction in my diabetes medication. I was on oral medictions till now. I would also like to put in word for the positive approach these two doctors have towards the treatment and the interactions with them were very open and frank. I was never given the feeling of being ignored by the team.”
Mr. Rajeev Kapur