Degenerative medicine are bringing about exciting, novel approaches to create therapies for hard to treat diseases. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a hard to treat disorder that progressively blocks airflow in the lungs making it increasingly difficult for an individual to breathe, and is one of the leading illnesses in the US. Yet, current treatments for COPD can only try to limit the extent of damage to the lungs, and to bring some relief from symptoms. Novel treatments for COPD are urgently needed, and new applications with the use of adult stem cells may have much benefit. This is because adult stem cells have an ability to differentiate into many different types of cells, such as those required for healthy, functioning lung tissue. Also, adult stem cells can be isolated with ease from an individual’s own fat tissue, and so adult stem cell therapy is not subject to the ethical or religious issues that trouble some other methods.

How Stem Cell therapy helps:-
Current research in adult stem cell therapy has shown that restoration of damaged cells through this treatment is possible. This breakthrough in regenerative medicine shines a light of hope on those battling this degenerative disease. Improvements have been seen in the following symptoms after treatment:

  • Reduction of dyspnea (difficult or labored breathing)
  • Increase in the ability to perform daily tasks
  • Reduction of reliance on supplemental oxygen
  • Improvements in sleep patternscopd

How can stem cell help?

  • These are lung conditions that cause degeneration or damage to tissue over time due to smoking or inhaling polluted air.
  • Presently the treatments of the lung disease is very limited and the management of the condition is based on drugs and bronchial dilators which have great limitations.
  • The stem cell based treatment is based on the natural way the tissues and organs are repaired by the body. The stem cells can multiply and also differentiate in to various types of cells in the lungs.

The stem cell treatment involves extraction of stem cells from Patients own adipose tissue for re-implantation


  • The adult stem cell therapy as an alternative treatment for COPD is extremely effective and very safe.
  • Stem cell treatment is a very natural, ethical and effective way of assisting the body to heal naturally and wholesomely.
  • It embodies the very idea of “healing” rather than simply medicating a symptom. The basic idea of what adult stem cell treatment involves and how it works. 


  • When fat-derived stem cells are given intravenously to treat these conditions, improvements occur over a period of several weeks.
  • Respiratory and forced volume capacity increases, and breathing improves over time.
  • Patients state that they feel like they can once again “catch their breath”.
  • Mucous is reduced and scar tissue is reversed. In our current patients we have seen a measurable increase in lung function post treatment.

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