The autoimmune reaction of the body to the pancreatic beta cells in the islets of Langerhans and the resulting destruction of these beta cells, cause an immediate insulin deficiency, resulting in Type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Type 1 is a degenerative disease, which is traditionally treated using insuline injections and stem cell therapy for diabetes can also prove vital. Insuline injections replace the missing hormone, but the complications can be far-reaching. Hyperglycemia is a common contributor to a number of complications like:

* Heart and vascular diseases
* Eye and kidney complaints
* Poor vascularization
* Damage to nerve cells (neuropathy)
* Diabetic feet
* High susceptibility for infections
* Erectile penile dysfunction

stemcell treatment for diabetes

stemcell treatment for diabetes

Diabetes Type I is due to antibodies against insulin producing cells. Bone Marrow derived adult stem cells have the ability to multiply and differentiate into insulin producing cells. This offers us an opportunity to menage diabetes without insulin. After the treatment the dose of insulin required is reduced.
There is remarkable improvement in the quality of life. The damage to other visceral organs is prevented and results in prolongation of life.

How can Stem Cell Help?

  • Presently, the diabetes Type II patients are managed by insulin injections.
  • This has its own disadvantages and side effects including immunity to insulin.
  • Diabetes Type I is an auto immune disease and cannot be managed without insulin.
  • Stem cell treatment for diabetes can help in fighting to disease to some extent


  • The treatment reduces the dependence on insulin, thus reducing the side effects of drugs and insulin.
  • Decreases chances of effects of diabetes on other systems like retinal myopathy, cardiac myopathy, renal myopathy, etc.
  • The stem Cell therapy can be used to repair, rejuvenate and reactivate the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.
  • Stem Cell treatment for diabetes is based on the implantation of stem cells obtained from the patient’s own adipose tissue.


  • Simple but very effective.
  • Nature’s own way repairing broken cells and tissues.
  • Low or no risk of tumours or other side effects.
  • Lower overall risk of treatment
  • Lesser side effects have beneficial effects on the body and avoid the effect of uncontrolled diabetes on other systems.

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