Treatment Procedure

Stem cell therapy procedure – Simple, Safe and Easy

Stemcell Flow

Why Choose Adipose Stem Cell Treatment?

  • Patients have provided feedback that their symptoms have dramatically improved and their quality of life has substantially increased.
  • Patients who choose to participate in Stemcell Medicare sponsored clinical studies are advancing stem cell research and potential medical breakthroughs.
  • Patients with limited options view stem cell therapy as a beneficial alternative to, or enhancement of traditional medical approaches.
  • Patients receive their own cells so there is minimal risk of immune rejection.
  • Research studies show adipose-derived tissue in comparison to bone marrow:
    • Has a higher immunomodulatory capacity;
    • Can be more easily isolated;
    • Is a much safer approach; and
    • Yields considerably larger amounts of stem cells.
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      • Click here to read research study, “Adipose Tissue-Derived Multipotent Stromal Cells Have a Higher Immunomodulatory Capacity Than Their Bone Marrow-Derived Counterparts”. US National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health.
      • Click here to read research study“Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells are more potent suppressors of dendritic cells differentiation compared to bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells”.
      • Click here to read research study, “Concise Review: Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Cells—Basic and Clinical Implications for Novel Cell-Based Therapies”. Stem Cells, Research journal for publication of original investigative papers and concise reviews.

Stem Cell Procedure

Performed by Board Certified Physicians, adipose adult stem cell treatment is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure which takes approximately four to five hours with little to no downtime.

  • Extraction: Adipose tissue is extracted from the patient’s fat through a minimally invasive mini-liposuction procedure.  During the liposuction procedure, a small area (typically the abdomen) is numbed with an anesthetic and patients receive mild to moderate sedation.
  • Separation & Isolation: Next, the dormant stem cells are separated and isolated from the fat tissue using advanced multi-filtration protocols.
  • Activation & Infusion: The stem cells are activated in the onsite laboratory and then comfortably infused back into the patient intravenously (IV) and via other directly targeted methods of administration.

Stem cell therapy procedure is mainly 4 step simple procedure as detailed below.

2. Sample source extraction
3. Lab processing – isolation, analysis and concentration of the stem cells in the lab
4. Stem cell implantation

Step 1: Pre-examination:

Once you decide about stem cell treatment, our representative will intimate you of the date and time of starting your treatment. The treatment begins with a detailed consultation and pre-examination by a qualified doctor. The doctor may prescribe few radiological and/or pathological tests, if necessary. On the basis of the consultations and the test results, the specialist will prescribe your exact treatment and discuss and explain the modalities to you in detail. We encourage you to ask as many details and clear all your doubts and inhibitions at this stage. This helps both the doctor and the patient to feel comfortable and fully confident about the treatment, the procedure and its efficacy. All our facilities including the hospital, stem cell lab adhere to the highest international standards. Our medical advisory board has very well reputed doctors and specialists from all fields such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthetists, orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, gynecologists and pediatricians. We also provide end to end facilities for our outstation patients including travel and visa assistance, hotel booking and stay, hospital and airport pickup, etc.

Step 2: Sample source extraction

Stem cell therapy is performed using patients own adult autologous cells, so the procedure begins with sample extraction.  Using most advanced technologies and the best medical standards followed globally, the stem cell extraction is performed by either of the two methods described below – bone marrow or adipose tissue. The choice of the method and source to be used depends upon the assessment by the treating doctor. We may also use stem cells obtained from both the sources depending on patient’s requirement.

Step 3: Lab processing – isolation, analysis and concentration of the stem cells in the stem cell lab

In our state-of -the-art-stem cell lab, stem cells are separated from other blood cells and plasma in case of bone marrow sample or the fat cells such as macrophages, adipocytes etc. in case of adipose sample . This process is called Isolation and concentration. We strictly adhere to cGMP standards while processing the samples.  We maintain completely sterile conditions, high standards of hygiene, and take utmost care to eliminate the possibilities of any kind of cell contamination or infections. The processed sample is then tested for quality and quantity of stem cells yielded.

Step 4: Stem cell implantation

The next step is the implantation of the processed stem cells back into the patient’s body. One of the following techniques will be used, depending on the patient requirement: